New Beginnings

Philosophy of Care

Our stated values of integrity, dignity, respect, teamwork, and responsiveness guide our care. These values exemplify who we are at New Beginnings and also make us unique providers of mental health care in Central Pennsylvania.

What is Psychiatric care?

Psychiatry care can include medical evaluations, care, and treatment by psychiatric professionals for a variety of mental health conditions. Psychiatric professionals include psychiatrists, who are medical doctors with special training and education in mental health. They have the skills and expertise to diagnose and treat both the mental and physical problems related to psychological disorders. Psychiatrists may prescribe medication, in addition to providing or helping coordinate a client’s counseling or psychotherapy.


The vision of New Beginnings is to establish quality comprehensive managed neuro-behavioral care through access, cutting edge technology, and innovative modalities.


Comprehensive Care: We take a holistic approach to managed care and ensure patients are seen and treated individually with unique treatment approaches, concepts, and goals.

Community: Social and cultural community aspects are prioritized as an essential part of successful treatment outcomes and patient goals.

Responsiveness: We have the honor and responsibility of our patient's needs and responsiveness directly influences the process of their care and treatment.