Registration Packet

Registration Packet

What Can You Expect?

Initial Intake

You can expect to meet one-on-one with an intake specialist to go over your previous medical history and identify needs for treatment. This may include counseling services, prescribed medications or refferal to other treatment services.

Treatment Plan

You will meet on-on-one with a therapist to develop your course of treatment, treatment goals and next steps to begin treatment.

Psychiatric Evaluation

You will meet with a Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner to discuss your mental health history, assesss diagnosis, and provide necessary medical treatment including medication management.

Blood work, Urine Toxicology, Pharmacogenetic testing

It is a required component of treatment. It is most common for tests to be done monthly and monitord on-site. In rare circumstances we may refer testing off-site.

Be an active participant

As a patient, you are required to be an active participant in your treatment. We require you to attend treatment plan and care coordination follow-up appointments every quarter. You must be up-to-date with a treatment plan to be able to see a Psychiatrist.